Back of The Net

Back of the Net shot in Wollongong and Sydney (NSW) is about a new student at a soccer academy, determined to beat her rival’s team in the national tournament – starring Disney Channel’s Sofia Wylie (Andi Mack) as Cory Bailey.

Directed by Louise Alston (All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane, Jucy) and Produced by the Steve Jaggi Company.

Design / Film / Post Production / VFX
Apr 15, 2019

Cumulus provided stylised animations and CG elements to enhance the story, in a way that relates to a young audience. The film released theatrically by Umbrella Entertainment in Australia and New Zealand, and MarVista Entertainment internationally late in 2018.

“I found the Cumulus team responsive and available. The best part of the collaboration was when the they took our parameters and harnessed the talent in their team to create something better than we had hoped for.”
Louise Alston – Director
Back of The Net
Before / After


3D Modelling, FX, CGI Environment, CGI Compositing, Look Dev
Modelling, Look Dev, Layout, FX, Lighting, Roto, Comp
CG Environment / Digital Mate painting / Sky replacement / CGI Compositing
2D Smoke / Clean up / Graphics / 2D Compositing
Design / Film / Post Production / VFX / Visual
Film / Post Production / VFX
Design / Film / Post Production / VFX / Visual
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