Framestore pioneered a new path in TV production for National Geographic’s 6-part global event series MARS. Directed by Everardo Gout (Days of Grace) with Executive Producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, the groundbreaking hybrid genre epic brings together contemporary documentary footage and VFX-heavy drama to transport TV audiences to a not-so-distant Martian future.

Design / Film
Nov 1, 2016

Cumulus VFX proudly took on a range of set extensions and visor replacement shots. Also pretty epic, Nick Cave produced the original composition, providing a beautiful and suspense-laden introduction to the series.

Before / After


3D Modelling, FX, CGI Environment, CGI Compositing, Look Dev
Modelling, Look Dev, Layout, FX, Lighting, Roto, Comp
CG Environment / Digital Mate painting / Sky replacement / CGI Compositing
2D Smoke / Clean up / Graphics / 2D Compositing
Design / Film / Post Production / VFX / Visual
Film / Post Production / VFX
Design / Film / Post Production / VFX / Visual
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