CG Environment / Digital Mate painting / Sky replacement / CGI Compositing
Apr 1, 2022

Cumulus's first challenge was to recreate "Old Memphis" as it was when it was Elvis's home, based on archive photos and maps - and then align that vision perfectly with the existing built set. Cumulus recreated the historical neighbourhood via a 3D model, applying 3D textures and overlaying images onto the model. It was then an exercise of blending this 3D environment with the onset building footage in Comp. We also supplied recreations of typical MidWest US landscapes such as a period-appropriate diner and cotton, corn and wheat fields, for the On The Road Montage and the Diner film sequences.

"Cumulus were instrumental in shaping the look of Elvis. It is inconceivable to think we could have achieved a completed director’s cut in the contractual 10 weeks with the highest quality post viz without Will and the team producing such incredible work so fast.

Their final composites and 3D environments were also exceptional for old Memphis and the rural road convoy to the diner. Such was their “invisible” excellence Baz claimed he forgot it was ever shot on stages.

Cumulus always went the extra mile with detail as a given. Motion in trees, traffic movement and period details were all very welcome additions."
Tom Wood – VFX Supervisor.
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CG Environment / Digital Mate painting / Sky replacement / CGI Compositing
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