Starring Damián Alcázar (Narcos), Tamara Vallarta, and Rolf Petersen, the series takes a brutal look at the dangers journalists in Mexico face every day.

Concepts for the main titles explores a progression of tones representing the complex world of reporting in a city like Tijuana. Commencing with a hopeful tone, with the sun rising over Tijuana – a metaphor for the young idealistic pursuit of a journalist trying to uncover truths hidden in the shadows. As the light progresses, a world of moral ambiguity is revealed – the deeper the journalists dig, the more the world is revealed as a complex web of shadows, where the division between good and evil is not as simple as black and white.


Design / Film / Post Production / VFX / Visual
Apr 14, 2019

In collaboration with Kapwa, Cumulus VFX created the opening title sequence for Tijuana; a story about a prominent politician who is murdered, and the intrepid journalists of Frente Tijuana who risk their lives to uncover the truth.

"Cumulus VFX played a critical role in delivering the Tijuana title sequence for Netflix. Their ability to reliably produce fantastic VFX work within high-pressure situations, their professionalism and eclectic mix of talent, made them easy partners to work with, whether we were in Sydney, or California. I love the people there and can't wait for the next project we do together."
Robertino Zambrano - Director
Before / After


3D Modelling, FX, CGI Environment, CGI Compositing, Look Dev
Modelling, Look Dev, Layout, FX, Lighting, Roto, Comp
CG Environment / Digital Mate painting / Sky replacement / CGI Compositing
2D Smoke / Clean up / Graphics / 2D Compositing
Design / Film / Post Production / VFX / Visual
Film / Post Production / VFX
Design / Film / Post Production / VFX / Visual
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